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TERRA GRECA is based in Florina, Western Macedonia, with main goal the conservation and spread of the Greek diet.

It is a newly established company that was founded in 2008, starting operations fully in 2014. During that period of time our company conducted in-depth research and specialization in the application of traditional recipes into large-scale production. With a high sense of responsibility in the treatment and processing of premium quality agricultural products, we emphasize in the genuineness and authenticity of Florina's pepper, ensuring the highest quality of the finished product.

Our company's capabilities are the production and processing of agricultural products including vegetables, fruits, legumes with derivatives of these tomato sauces, pickles, jams and ready meals (legume dishes, dumplings, etc.). Our company’s goal is to produce premium quality and high nutritional value products with natural ingredients with responsibility towards the consumer.

The company's location in Western Macedonia was chosen because of the great amount of agricultural products that are produced here with unique quality, which are harvested at the time of their natural ripening having their organoleptic characteristics at their highest standards. We have partnerships with local producers who respect the environment to grow and produce high-quality safe products, through total integrated management of their agricultural production.

The company occupies an area of 7000sqm, processing into closed installations of 2750sqm. Strictly adhering to ISO 22000: 2005 quality assurance system procedures. The potential products are roasted Florina's red pepper, roasted Florina's red pepper spreads as well as a combination of pepper spreads with flavors and vegetables.

  • Original Roasted Florina's red pepper 450g.
  • Spread Roasted Florina's red pepper soft 260g.
  • Spread Roasted Florina's red pepper hot 260g.
  • Spread Roasted Florina's red pepper with Tomato and Carrot 260g.
  • Spread Roasted Florina's red pepper with eggplant 260g.

The company's production capability is 1600 tons of fresh pepper per season.


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